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C type

Studio Twin

We have creatively arranged the beds to secure a free and large space. The walls are decorated with photos by young photographers taken from affiliated galleries.
This is a twin type with a semi-double and a single bed.
The mattresses used are Air Weave mattresses.

2 persons
Exclusive area
Size of Bed


Wi-Fi connection (free)
You can enjoy free Internet access in the building via our pleasant Wi-Fi connection service.

Please enjoy the next-generation "4K" TV, with a large screen and high resolution.
※Equipped with a 50 inch 4K TV ※A type and B type are equipped with a 30 inch 4K TV

AppleTV installed
Games, movies, and YouTube. You can also display your own smart phone onto the TV.

Air Weave
Many top athletes also take Air Weave with them when away. It provides comfortable and high quality sleep.

Fully equipped with a 3-door refrigerator.
※2-door in the case of A-C types

Washing machine
Fully equipped with washing machines which feature a drying function.

We offer an abundant selection of cookware to provide you with a pleasant hotel life.

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