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B type

Layer twin

We have created original beds that allow 2 semi-double beds to be arranged spaciously. We have aimed to create a space that will allow you to maintain a comfortable space between your friends when travelling together. The mattresses used are Air Weave mattresses.

2 persons
Exclusive area
Size of Bed


Wi-Fi connection (free)
You can enjoy free Internet access in the building via our pleasant Wi-Fi connection service.

Please enjoy the next-generation "4K" TV, with a large screen and high resolution.
※Equipped with a 50 inch 4K TV ※A type and B type are equipped with a 30 inch 4K TV

AppleTV installed
Games, movies, and YouTube. You can also display your own smart phone onto the TV.

iPad(loaned for a fee)
Because there is free LAN access in the hotel, you can use it to access the internet and check your e-mail.

Air Weave
Many top athletes also take Air Weave with them when away. It provides comfortable and high quality sleep.

Fully equipped with a 3-door refrigerator.
※2-door in the case of A-C types

Washing machine
Fully equipped with washing machines which feature a drying function.

We offer an abundant selection of cookware to provide you with a pleasant hotel life.

Rooms available