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The Edo Kiriko temple elementary school

Edo Kiriko is a glassworks that started production near the end of the Edo Period.
Using “irokise glass” which applies multiple layers of colored glass, they engrave traditional patterns.
They create a very wide variety of containers from drinking vessels for Japanese rice wine to large flower vases.

At “Hanasho”, there is also the “Edo Kiriko temple elementary school” where you can learn about and experience Edo Kiriko.
Even beginners are sure to be able to make something, so please feel free to apply to try.

In order to become a full-fledged artisan, it is said to take at least several years.

The Edo Kiriko hands-on course is also popular with foreign customers.

Trade name
3-6-5 Nihonbashihoncho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo-to 103-0023
Hours of operation
Weekdays 10:30~18:00
Weekends and holidays 11:30~17:00
Closed days
Every Monday
Open on national holidays (in such cases, closed the following Tuesday)

Rooms available

Rooms available